Does the lift assist really work?
Not only does the Dotec lift assist work, it is highly efficient. Every day over 3 thousand Dotec lifting systems are used for a wide variety of applications, and that number is growing rapidly. A Dotec lift assist is tailor-made for the job, in consultation with the client and the operator. Add our power to innovate, our experience and our high demands we provide for a “real Dotec” to that, and we can give a written guarantee our lift assists will do the job.

Is the lift assist safe?
Dotec LiftAssists are completely safe to use. The design has been tested according to the CE regulations. The components and materials are of the highest quality. We guarantee the safety of those using it, when following and complying to the instructions in the CE Manual. With over 30 years of experience in building machinery for industries with the highest quality / safety demands, we feel confident in speaking of proven technology.

Can a single lift assist handle loads of various weight?
Yes. In most cases, the Dotec LiftAssist’s “muscle” is a so-called Air-balancer that can handle weights, ranging f.i. from 5 to 60 kilograms, depending on it’s capacity. The lift assist can handle any weight within that range, without interval, adjustment or modification. This also applies to the lifting and lowering speeds. The Air-balancers are available in ranges from 5 up to 225 kilograms.

Will there be any loss of speed in our production process?
Very little, or none. Any loss of speed in the morning is fully made up in the afternoon, because workers save energy by using the Dotec lift assist. For loads up to 60 kilograms, a Dotec LiftAssist that is well suited to the user will even increase the work output notably.

Will our workers actually use the lift assist?
Thanks to our idea of what a lift assist should be, workers enjoy using it. A Dotec lift assist is designed to make work lighter, by taking the load off your hands and doing it faster. The ergonomic design – your “extra hand” –, simplifies controls, lowers weight and enhances the ease with which it steers, lifts and lowers: all these features make the Dotec lift assist an amazing tool, pleasant to work with.