How much a Dotec LiftAssist cost?

A single Dotec lifting system, including a crane or rail system for, say 9 square meters workspace, installed at the site and fully operational, costs between 14 and 20 thousand euro’s plus commissioning & transport. Every Dotec lift assist is uniquely manufactured and carefully designed for or adapted to the specific nature and demands of each individual application.

Does a lift assist require a lot of maintenance?

Not a Dotec LiftAssist. On average, one inspection every six months and yearly mainentance will be all it requires: then a Dotec lift assist will do its job year after year. Dotec LiftAssists have a system set-up which basically makes it impossible to overload them: when programmed to a maximum of 40 kilograms, it will refuse to lift a heavier load. Dotec provides full maintenance and inspection service. (International)

Cost of Ownership?
Cost should not be the only leading factor, it’s the cost-saving element that counts. We witness tremendous costsavings in processes where in the past one or two operators did the job by hand and today, a Dotec LiftAssist is implemented. Apart from the physical aspects for the operator(s), secondary elements come forward, such as less loss of material, less product damage, less “return goods”, positive workers motivation (productivity increase) are the clear results. That's whats really counts in significant cost savings.

How long before we see any Return On Investment? (ROI)
ROI can be realised in a short period of time. It pays for itself in several ways: Increased productivity. Workers no longer become tired during the day, and often you will no longer need that extra worker. Improvement of work quality. There will be less chance for your products being damaged, which will lead to a decrease in customer complaints. Less absence through illness. Anyone can calculate the effect of an absence reduction from 15% to 3% in a packaging department.