Law & Legislation

Law & Legislation demands good-, safe- and healthy working conditions in industry. Institutes such as “European Agency for Safety and Health at Work” and “NIOSH” (USA) publish valuable guidelines in order to achieve such conditions. Moreover they run statistics that show that of all labor related costs for healthcare ≥ 40-50% is caused by too heavy, too often and wrongly lifting objects at work (MSDs & RSI). As much as 0,5-2% of the GNP.

The human body is, by nature, not equipped to carry heavy loads continuously as a daily working exercise.

We care, from 10 kg. (22 Lbs) and above!
It’s our aim that not Law & Legislation nor Kilo’s (Lbs) are in the lead for better circumstances. Good & Smart designed LiftAssists are.

They must bring more efficiency and better work quality, ultimately resulting in better performance that results into benefits in many directions. That is our daily concern!