Dotec ErgoHandle®
The central feature of the Dotec lift assist is the ergonomic handle which is used to operate the lift assist. The handle can move freely up and down sliding through the hands, allowing the user to keep his eye on the load, while a mere finger touch determines both direction and speed. There is no need for bending and stretching (gymnastics) when lifting and storing in high places (or vice versa).


Why Friendly
Every Dotec LiftAssist® possesses specific characteristics that are based on ease of operating, speed and good posture of the operator. The learning curve is amazingly short and it’s a pleasure to work with. It is of foremost importance that operators can work at their own speed – and speed up or slow down according to the circumstances. A Dotec is in tune with its user: it reacts immediately and is part of the process, as if it were an extension of the user’s body. For all these reasons Dotec is called The Friendly LiftAssist®.