Dotec Roll Handlers Rollenwender Reel Turner on Wheels for Film:
In areas where rail- or Jib cranes have no room to be installed we have put our Rotary Action Roll handler “on wheels”. It lift’s and Rotate the Rolls from vertical to horizontal without any physical effort for the operator. It’s also ideal for the transfer of rolls from the printer’s spindle to the pallet.

Air Battery Concept:
The Roll handler Rollenwender Reel Turner on wheels have an Air-Battery inside. This means that they operate fully pneumatically. An Air-tank is part of the concept and provides the energy to lift & lower. A “Refill” takes no longer than 30-60sec. and is enough for 10-20 movements (Roll Deliveries). They are designed for a “Heavy Duty” performance in a “round the clock” production environment.

Automatic Clamping:
The chuck will clamp automatically once it enters the core of the roll.

Motorized Rotation:
The rotation from vertical to horizontal is Air-driven, so no physical effort is applied.