Dotec Roll Handlers Rollenwender Reel Turner For Yarn:
The yarn-industry has been troubled for so many years by unsuccessful investments in lifting equipment. Although they were technically OK, they are not really user-friendly. As a result employees will ignore to use the lifting equipment, in spite of the vast investments. Opperators prefer to do the yob by hand. The consequences are considerable; damaging the bobbin due to falling, bumping and “throwing”, causing yarn-breakage at the next step in production.

New Concept:
Dotec’s FP-1 bobbin-handler has been developed in real practice and for real practice. For over a year operators have had the opportunity to comment on the various applications, such as the use in spinning mills on creels and in the packaging departments. All the input, at the cost of numerous prototypes, has resulted into a patented, new and unique fully pneumatically operating Roll Handler for Yarn. It’s Small, Quick & Handy to operate.