Dotec LiftAssists For Radiators:
For Radiators we have a range of handlers to Lift-Tillt and Rotate them in the processes after production and/or in the Warehouse area. We also have solutions to “Hang” radiators into the coating line.

We do Clamping when the packaging of the radiator allows that.

We have developed a (Permanent) Magnetic system that allows Radiators of over 150KG’s to be Lifted and Tilted. The intelligences of the Logic-controls do recognize when a radiator of < 50KG or > 50KG has to be handled and determines the magnetic force to apply.

Radiator Distribution:
For the radiator distributors we have developed a radiator handler that accepts (Magnetic) weights from 23->200KG. It can Spread & Rotate to palletize a variety of sizes.