1) Air-Balancer
A Dotec LiftAssist operates fully pneumatic. The Cable Air-Balancer (1) takes care of the elastic Up & Down movement. It’s the muscle of the system.

2) Centre of gravity Unit
The “Centre of Gravity Unit” (2) provides the vertical alignment in every position of the handler, empty or loaded. It reacts/activates automatically.

3) Ergonomic Handle
Probably the smartest part (Operating Handle) of every Dotec Liftassist. It activates the Up&Down movement and additional main functions. No buttons or switches are required. A simple finger-tip activates the functions.

4) Main Frame
The mainframe contains the logic-controlls. All tuning elements are centralized in the front-display.

5) Multi Connector
The multi-connector (5) connects the Product-Frame to the central logic-controls. If your product changes, the LiftAsssit will only need a frame adjustment.

6) Tilting & Turning
Tilting and Turning fixtures (6) provide extra functions to the system.

7) Product Frames
Dedicated and Tailored product-frames (7) completes the system. They can have Vacuum, Clamping or Magnetic appliances.

ABC System
The ABC-System is based on an Air-Balancer Cylinder (1) instead of the Cable Air-Balancer. It has the same “Balance” elastic movement.

It’s ideal in “heavier” applications and/or for larger/ wider products.

Also its more “steady” when f.i. the product to lift needs additional shaping or adds, during the lifting process.