Roll handling solutions for yarn & fabrics

Roll handling solutions for Yarn & fabrics

The yarn-industry has been troubled for so many years by unsuccessful investments in roll handling solutions. Although handling solutions can be technically good, they are not really user-friendly. As a result employees will ignore using the roll handler. In spite of the vast investments operators prefer to do the job manually. The consequences are considerable: Damaging the roll due to falling, bumping and throwing, causing yarn-breakage. Backaches and fatiguing. Which results in a very tiring and discouraging working day. 

Roll handling solutions of Dotec

Dotec’s Yarn handler has been developed in real practice and for real practice. For over a year users have had the opportunity to comment on the various features: such as the use in spinning mills on creels and in the packaging departments. All the input, at the cost of numerous prototypes, has resulted into a patented, new, unique and fully pneumatically roll handler for yarn and fabrics.


The handling procedure is very simple and user-friendly. One could say it’s an extension of the human body because of its shape and compact size. Picking up, rotating, releasing and return is automatically done. Lifting is actuated by means of a fingertouch pressing the Ergohandle, you are holding. It’s that simple and logical and all of this without any physical effort! The result: backaches belong to the past, no damage and dedication to the job. But most of all better quality in handling rolls of 10 to 40 kg.

Roll handlers for Yarn & Fabrics

Roll handlers for Yarn & Fabrics

Dotec infrastructure

Depending on several factors, the decision is made whether a rail system or a jib crane is most suitable for the process.


The infrastructure is the backbone of the total system. In the design of The LiftAssist, we strive for maximum weight savings to accomplish minimum effort while moving the load from A to B.
It is essential that infrastructure components, such as rail, trolleys and bearings match these design rules.
Dotec infrastructure is designed for the 24/7 production enviroment running at high frequencies.


Dotec Jib Cranes are most suitable for short transfer processes. They provide a comfortable and ergonomic movement, exist of state of the art materials and feel smooth while moving loads. With an integrated parking bracket it secures a safe way of parking the handler when it is not in use.


Dotec aluminium rail profiles have a unique way of suspending and trolley design providing a rolling recistance ≤1% of the load to be moved.

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The Dotec System

The Dotec System

Dotec LiftAssists have very specific characteristics that are based on ease of operation, speed of work and ergonomics. The learning curve is only 10 minutes, and handling becomes a pleasure.

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