About Dotec: family owned business since 1982
About Dotec: family owned business since 1982

About Dotec

Dotec is a family owned company since 1981 that always puts the customer first. Dotec is accessible, reliable, flexible and servient. With a constant process of mutually development of new technologies and products with our customers through knowledge, experience and guts. Therefore, Dotec has become the global total supplier of bespoke solutions and offers a broad portfolio of standard developed liftassists for a variety of market segments. Dotec is innovative and puts the operator and process optimisation in the centre. With a focus on ease of use, safety, simplicity of operation, ergonomics, design, efficiency, proportional and flexible movement. Quality above all, in everything that Dotec does.

Why Dotec?

Why Dotec?

The Dotec LiftAssist has very specific characteristics that are based on ease of operation, speed of handling and ergonomics. It has a very short learning curve. Everything can be controlled by a finger touch which makes it very easy to work with. That is why it is called the Friendly LiftAssist.

The Dotec System

The Dotec System

Dotec LiftAssists have very specific characteristics that are based on ease of operation, speed of work and ergonomics. The learning curve is only 10 minutes, and handling becomes a pleasure.

Benefits of the digital roll handlers

A high variety of digital features are available. They are to improve the performance, secure safety, optimise the process and improve the workflow. Want to know which options are available? Learn more:


Because of the combination of sensors and slow-start and stop functions we have added a lot of extra smoothness to our handlers. Lifting controls are proportional, tilting is fluent and our auto-level function aligns any product.


When required, settings can be changed within the process. By pushing a button or activating a sensor the weight of a product can be compensated, functions can be activated and different working modes can be set.


Safety is our standard. We take care of the users and the handled product. When the air of power is cut-off the handler will hold the load and slowly move to the bottom, a new cycle is not possible without restored air and power.

Communication options

The machines are ready for the industry 4.0 and are able communicate with other machines and/or a factory automation systems. If you choose to be connected you can real-time monitor the machine for status, safety, throughput, estimated weight and other measurements and info. A fully interconnected HMI touchscreen is part of the possibilities.

External monitoring

All Digitally Controlled handlers are standard unconnected and have a RJ45 port. This port can be connected to any computer for simple status monitoring using a web interface. When you connect a DOTEC-router (You are in control) we can establish a remote connection for remote service, status checking, Parameter adjustment, tuning and desired updates. Optionally the handler can be permanently connected to the internet or a factory network.


The in-house engineering and manufacturing team is specialized in lifting equipment for a wide variety of products while maintaining our high safety level. Dotec can deliver total handling concepts including all the controls and safeguards necessary.

Extra options

The in-house experienced engineering team is eager to create any option you need. All our options are integrated into the whole system making the machine perform as a whole.

The Dotec infrastructure

The Dotec infrastructure

Depending on several factors, the decision is made whether a rail system or a jib crane is most suitable for the process.


The infrastructure is the backbone of the total system. In the design of The LiftAssist, we strive for maximum weight savings to accomplish minimum effort while moving the load from A to B.
It is essential that infrastructure components, such as rail, trolleys and bearings match these design rules.
Dotec infrastructure is designed for the 24/7 production enviroment running at high frequencies.


Dotec Jib Cranes are most suitable for short transfer processes. They provide a comfortable and ergonomic movement, exist of state of the art materials and feel smooth while moving loads. With an integrated parking bracket it secures a safe way of parking the handler when it is not in use.


Dotec aluminium rail profiles have a unique way of suspending and trolley design providing a rolling recistance ≤1% of the load to be moved.



To keep The Dotec LiftAssist in a good condition a yearly inspection and maintenance visit is advised. This visit can be done by our field engineer or a local Dotec service provider so you are guaranteed that original parts and high quality components are used. Choosing for this service means that your LiftAssist stays in a good condition.

If a LiftAssist needs immediate attention you can reach Dotec via the website, email or telephone. With your input we are able to give you some first directions that can solve your issue. If a field engineer is needed we can schedule a service visit. We will do our utmost to get The LiftAssist up and running again as fast as possible. 


To guarantee the safety of a Dotec LiftAssist. All the products of Dotec are provided with certificates to be sure The LiftAssist is completely safe for operation.

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