Roll handling solutions for flexible packaging

Roll handling solutions for flexible packaging

Dotec handlers are operational worldwide, many in production facilities where the food is freshly produced.  Flexible packaging include bags, pouches, shrink films, tubes, sleeves and carded packaging. All these products are processed at end users of finished rolls for which Dotec has supplied multiple solutions mainly in 24/7 production environments.

Roll handling solutions for flexible packaging

Roll handling solutions for flexible packaging

Benefits of roll handlers

One of the added values of a Dotec Lifting Solution in this industry is reliability. Minimising downtime as much as possible and making sure that production can reach optimal output, the proportional speed of the lifting device enables that. The Friendly LiftAssist helps the operator to handle these delicate rolls of film easily and ergonomically.

Applications for flexible packaging

Installation of the RH100

Contact with the different departments and information sent from the different departments was good. Even when I had questions, answers were given fast and solutions were given when needed. Even though Covid-19 made the installation challenging, communication was good and with an installation manual, one of the two systems was installed by Schur. The other was done by a Dotec field engineer.


The system for lifting laminator rolls really helps the changeover to be safer and faster. It is done in a minute instead of the 5 minutes it took manually. The Dotec RH100 at the slitter really helps the health and safety aspect. The handling time is the same but now the operator does not have to lift manually anymore.  


We have been in contact with Dotec for another system installed in Germany and now two for Sweden. For future projects we will contact Dotec again.”


Markus Stephan, Print Technology Manager – Schur Flexibles Scandiflex – November 2020

Dotec infrastructure

Depending on several factors, the decision is made whether a rail system or a jib crane is most suitable for the process.


The infrastructure is the backbone of the total system. In the design of The LiftAssist, we strive for maximum weight savings to accomplish minimum effort while moving the load from A to B.
It is essential that infrastructure components, such as rail, trolleys and bearings match these design rules.
Dotec infrastructure is designed for the 24/7 production enviroment running at high frequencies.


Dotec Jib Cranes are most suitable for short transfer processes. They provide a comfortable and ergonomic movement, exist of state of the art materials and feel smooth while moving loads. With an integrated parking bracket it secures a safe way of parking the handler when it is not in use.


Dotec aluminium rail profiles have a unique way of suspending and trolley design providing a rolling recistance ≤1% of the load to be moved.

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The Dotec System

The Dotec System

Dotec LiftAssists have very specific characteristics that are based on ease of operation, speed of work and ergonomics. The learning curve is only 10 minutes, and handling becomes a pleasure.

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